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45 Degree HeavyMetal PLUS - Aero Pod Canopy - (Choose Options)

45 Degree HeavyMetal PLUS - Aero Pod Canopy - (Choose Options)

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Super durable 45 Degree Aero Pod Canopies by TurtleModeFPV... Designed around our HeavyMetal PLUS frame, these fit our original HeavyMetal "X" frame equally well for improved aerodynamics... Pods have a large interior space than easily fits most 3 tier 30x30 stacks & features a weather resistant design for racing less than ideal conditions...

Note: Aero Pods are approximately 11 grams heavier than our OpenRacer / HeavyMetal style pods... 

*** See our full line FREE to download HeavyMetal / HeavyMetal PLUS & OpenRacer Pods in a wide range of camera & angle options... download @

Build Notes: Cameras are a tight press fit... Included hard plastic cap is printed slightly larger than lens diameter & helps with camera install by temporarily stretching the pod TPU... It is recommended leaving the cap in place until immediately ready to install camera... 

Weight: 47 grams +/-1g

Included: - 45 Degree HeavyMetal PLUS - Aero Pod Canopy - (1x)

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