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COB LED & Race Wire Combo Pack - For HeavyMetal Frame - (Choose Color)

COB LED & Race Wire Combo Pack - For HeavyMetal Frame - (Choose Color)

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Everything you need to LIGHT up your HeavyMetal Frame!!! Be sure to stand out in a crowd with 800mm of super bright COB LEDs... Combine with Oversized Race Wire PCB for a super clean build, quick motor changes & easy LED mounting... Compatible with most 7" Street League Frames...

COB LED Specs12v COB LED strips can be powered by soldering the positive and negative LED pads to any 2 ESC motor channels (3S - 5S quads)...

Note: Not Compatible With HeavyMetal - PRO Short Arms... (We will be releasing Short Race-Wire in the near future)

Note: 24v COB LEDs Recommend For 6S (Not Included)

Note: COB LED strips come soldered from the manufacturer at intervals, it is normal to receive random LED strips with solder pre-applied to 2 of the pads... 

Oversize Race Wire SpecsDimensions: 67mm Long × 15mm wide × 2mm thick | Double layered extra wide 3oz. copper traces | Extra large EZ solder pad for motor wires & COB LEDs

WeightKit adds approximately 30 grams total weight once assembled...

Build Tips: - Expose adhesive backing on 50mm LED strips (8x), apply to race wire PCB and solder the 4 corners to make LED Race Wire... (Note: When attaching double LED strips to a single PCB the negative sides of both strips must share the center solder pad or only 1 strip will light up)... Attach LED Race Wire to top of arms with double sided tape (not included)... Apply 75mm LED strips (4x) to bottom of arms, connect to 2 ESC channels using 2 short wires... (100mm strip included as extra for repairs)... 


- Oversized Race Wire PCB w/ solder pads for COB LEDs - (4x)
- 50mm Length COB LED strips - (8x)
- 75mm Length COB LED strips - (4x)
- 100mm Length COB LED strip - (1x)





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