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HeadsUp Racing Prop R38 (2CW+2CCW)-Poly Carbonate

HeadsUp Racing Prop R38 (2CW+2CCW)-Poly Carbonate

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"HeadsUpFPV R38" prop from HQ!"

These props take the best qualities from props throughout the market and somehow puts them all into ONE prop! It’s incredibly responsive, has great durability for its weight and has the top speed that most if not all extremely responsive props lack.

Propeller Diameter: 5.1inch       
Pitch : 3.8               
Blades : 3
Material : Poly Carbonate        
Weight :4.4g
Hub Diameter :13mm           
Hub Thickness:7mm           
Shaft :5mm
Adaptor Rings : NO


2 x CW HeadsUp Racing Prop R38

2 x CCW HeadsUp Racing Prop R38

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