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HeavyMetal Pro - 7" Short Arms (Street League Approved)

HeavyMetal Pro - 7" Short Arms (Street League Approved)

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The Latest Update To Our Race Winning HeavyMetal Street League Frames... HeavyMetal Pro - 7" Carbon Fiber Short Arms, by TurtleModeFPV continue to meet the minimum requirements for Street League Spec Drone Racing!!! 

Re-engineered 2cm shorter than standard HeavyMetal /SourceOne V3 style arms, HeavyMetal Pro Arms give your HeavyMetal frame one of the smallest footprints in Street League Racing!!!

New boomerang style locks combined with a shortened lever arm make HeavyMetal Pro Arms the most durable option for HeavyMetal frames...

Reduced center of mass allows for unparalleled agility in technical environments 

Note: HeavyMetal Pro Arms ARE interchangeable with standard "X" variant HeavyMetal Arms | They are NOT compatible with "Oversized Race-Wire" (We will be releasing a shorter update in the near future) | NOT compatible with our "PLUS" frame variant

Specifications: 6mm×15.5mm×138mm (overall length) | 260mm assembled motor to motor distance

Weight: 24 grams +/-1 gram

Included: HeavyMetal Pro- 7" Short Arm - (1x)

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