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HeavyMetal - Battery Armor - (Choose Color)

HeavyMetal - Battery Armor - (Choose Color)

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HeavyMetal - Battery Armor by TurtleModeFPV... Designed to securely attach to the HeavyMetal 7" Spec Racing Frame, Battery Armor keeps expensive packs safe and in place...

(Note: HeavyMetal - Battery Armor is intended to be used in conjunction with a high quality battery strap, and not as a stand alone battery retention device.)

Installation: Use of a narrow puddy knife or similar tool is recommended to stretch Battery Armor over the metal frame plate into its locked on position... See our "Pro Build Guide" video...  

Weight: 84 grams +/-2g

Inside Dimensions: 43.5mm × 35.5mm × 100mm +/-0.5mm... ***Not guaranteed to fit all battery packs*** (check battery dimensions to insure fit)...

Included: - HeavyMetal - Battery Armor - (1x)

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