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HeavyMetal - Hardware Kit

HeavyMetal - Hardware Kit

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HeavyMetal - Hardware Kit... Complete hardware kit for the HeavyMetal 7" Spec Racing Frame... 

Weight: total hardware kit weight 26 grams +/-1g


- M3×25mm Flat Head Screw (4x) - FC Stack Studs
- M3×22mm Flat Head Screw (4x) - Standoff Studs
- M3×18mm Flat Head Screw (8x) - Arm Screws
- M3×12mm Button Head Screw (1x) - Cable Grip Long Screw
- M3×8mm Button Head Screw (1x) - Cable Grip Short Screw
- M3×6mm Button Head Screw (4x) - Canopy Screws
- M3 Hex Nut (6x) - Stack Stud & Cable Grip Nuts
- M3×10mm Knurled Standoffs (4x) - Standoffs
- S-M3-2 Self Clinching Nut (12x) - Arm Nuts

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