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HeavyMetal PLUS - 7" Spec Racing Frame w/ Accessory Kit (Street League Approved) - (Choose Options)

HeavyMetal PLUS - 7" Spec Racing Frame w/ Accessory Kit (Street League Approved) - (Choose Options)

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Are you a weird pilot??? Are you looking for a weird frame??? Do you happen to fly Mode 1??? lol... In the spirit of Street League Spec Drone Racing, by community request, TurtleModeFPV presents... The "PLUS" variant of our popular HeavyMetal frame... This purpose built Street League racing frame doesn't pretend to be anything else!!! Carbon fiber arms come together with powder coated A36 steel center plates giving this quad best in class size, durability, aerodynamics & center of gravity... Both HeavyMetal variants are compatible with OpenRacer Pods & Source One V3.0 Arms!!!

Fully accessorized with Race Pod, Battery Armor, Arm Guards & Cable Grip Printed from 95A shore hardness TPU...

Full Disclosure: PLUS configuration frames don't just look weird... They fly weird too... Purported to have faster straight line speed at the cost of technical handling... PLUS frames require unique tuning for peak performance... For the best user experience we recommend our True-X configuration HeavyMetal frame for most pilots based on it's smooth balanced flight characteristics & proven race performance... 

In the Interest of science and learning: While doing R&D on the HeavyMetal PLUS we learned a few things ourselves at TurtleModeFPV... Turns out there have been several research studies done on PLUS vs. "X" drones ("X" is referred to as "CROSS" in the research)... Google searching the phrase "A Comparison Of Quadrotor Flight Configurations" will lead you to some heavy science papers... One take away was understanding with "X" frames Pitch, Roll & Yaw are decoupled from one another... On a PLUS configuration Yaw movement is coupled to both Pitch and Roll axis... A 2nd take away is that PLUS frames only use one motor for Pitch and Roll movement vs. "X" frames 2 motors... It was calculated that this causes a 30% reduction in authority... However, there is a counter argument that the longer lever arm on the Pitch and Roll axis of the PLUS frame partially negates that figure... There are also aerodynamic differences in incoming air flow and other factors to consider... We'll let you sort out the rest!!!

Weight: 624 grams +/-3g

Specs: 294mm motor post to motor post laterally | Tru + (symmetrical arm spacing) | 6mm × 15.5mm Carbon Fiber Arms | 4.5mm Center Plates | 20mm × 20mm FC Mounting | 30mm × 30mm FC Mounting | 25.5mm × 25.5mm FC Mounting W/ Shared Arm Screw (Not Recommended) | 7" Maximum Prop Size

Note: "PLUS" frames are NOT compatible with "Pro" Short Arms...


 - HeavyMetal PLUS - Battery Plate - (1x)
- HeavyMetal PLUS - Stack Plate - (1x)
- HeavyMetal PLUS - 7" Spec Arms - (4x)
- HeavyMetal PLUS - Hardware Kit - (1x)
- HeavyMetal PLUS - Aero Pod - (1x)
- HeavyMetal PLUS - Battery Armor - (1x)
- HeavyMetal PLUS - Arm Guards - (4x)
- HeavyMetal PLUS - Cable Grip - (1x)

Accessories: Downloadable for FREE @

Note: This design is part of the HeavyMetal PLUS - 7" Spec Frame open source project of which TurtleModeFPV is the originator and designer... .dxf, .stp & .stl Frame files available to download @

Additional Resources:

TurtleModeFPV is an official frame sponsor of Street League Spec Drone Racing: See our frame and download custom Street League firmware @

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