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HeavyMetal Pro - 7" Street League Frame

HeavyMetal Pro - 7" Street League Frame

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The Latest Addition To Our Race Proven HeavyMetal Line... HeavyMetal Pro Frames are a remix of our standard kit featuring newly designed, boomerang style / locking , "Pro Short Arms"

Re-engineered 2cm shorter than standard HeavyMetal /SourceOne V3 style arms, HeavyMetal Pro Arms give your HeavyMetal frame one of the smallest footprints in Street League Racing!!!

Boomerang style locks combined with a shortened lever arm make HeavyMetal Pro Arms the most durable option

Reduced center of mass allows for unparalleled agility in technical race environments 

Our purpose built Street League racing frames don't pretend to be anything else!!! Carbon fiber arms come together with powder coated A36 steel center plates giving this quad best in class size, durability, aerodynamics & center of gravity... All 3 HeavyMetal variants are compatible with OpenRacer Pods & Source One V3.0 Arms!!!

Note: HeavyMetal PRO - Short Arms ARE Interchangeable with Standard "X" variant HeavyMetal Arms | They are NOT compatible with "PLUS" Frame variant & "Oversized Race-Wire" (We will be releasing a shorter update in the near future)...

Weight: 482 grams +/-5g

Specs: 260mm motor post to motor post diagonally | Tru-X | 6mm × 15mm Carbon Fiber Arms | 4.5mm Center Plates | 20mm x 20mm FC Mounting | 25.5mm × 25.5mm FC Mounting | 30mm × 30mm FC Mounting (sharing arm screw / not recommended)

Accessories Downloadable For FREE @

Note: This design is part of the HeavyMetal - 7" Spec Frame open source project of which TurtleModeFPV is the originator and designer... .dxf /.stp /.stl frame files available here.


- HeavyMetal - Battery Plate - (1x)
- HeavyMetal - Stack Plate - (1x)
- HeavyMetal Pro - 7" Short Arms - (4x)
- HeavyMetal - Hardware Kit - (1x)

Additional Resources: 

TurtleModeFPV is an official frame sponsor of Street League Spec Drone Racing: See our frame and download custom Street League firmware @


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