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Oversized Race Wire W/ Solder Pads For COB LEDs

Oversized Race Wire W/ Solder Pads For COB LEDs

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Large format PCB Race Wire is the perfect upgrade for your 7" race build!!!.. Compatible with most Street League & Pro Stock Frames... Super sized double layered 3oz. copper traces and extra large solder pads make attaching motors and LEDs easier than ever... 

Turn your Race Wire into LED Wire!!! Remove adhesive backing from two 50mm*8mm COB LED strips, apply to the face of Race Wire PCB and solder corners to 2 motor/esc channels... (Note: When attaching double LED strips to a single PCB the negative sides of both strips must share the center solder pad or only 1 strip will light up)... 

Note: This listing is for a single unit, make sure to order 1 for all 4 arms!!!.. (COB LED strips available for purchase separately)...

Dimensions67mm Long × 15mm Wide × 2mm Thick 

Specs: Double layered extra wide 3oz. copper traces | Extra large EZ solder pad for motor wires & COB LEDs | Compatible with 50mm*8mm 12v/24v COB LED strips 


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